Keynotes and workshops

Dr Jodie Lowinger is an internationally acclaimed anxiety, mindset and resilience expert and high performance coach delivering highly engaging keynotes and workshops to organisations and schools.

“Mental fitness is the foundation of high performance.”

It’s not often you meet an award-winning Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety, Resilience & Mindset Expert and Business Strategist who drives transformation in leading CEOs and organisations while connecting at the heart of parents, educators, kids and teens. This is Dr Jodie.

Dr Jodie is a trailblazer looked to by trailblazers. As an Executive and Mindset Coach to global leaders across leading corporates such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon, Dr Jodie is often considered a CEO’s secret weapon, helping drive transformation and high performance in leaders and teams. She is also a coach to founders of high-growth start-ups, equipping entrepreneurs with the tools to build high performance and resilience through uncertainty and change.

Workshops are designed to help organisations build a strong and resilient workforce.

Through her Mind Strength Method, Dr. Lowinger helps teams develop a growth mindset, improve communication and collaboration, and increase productivity. Her workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each team, and use a combination of interactive activities, group discussions, and personalised coaching to help team members develop the skills they need to thrive.

Whether you’re looking to improve your team’s performance, boost morale, or build a more resilient and sustainable workplace, Dr Jodie’s workshops are the perfect solution.



"It was such a delight to have Jodie present amazing insights to our business. Jodie definitely hits the mark and I would highly recommend her to any organisation in the drive for peak performance.”

Hari T – Microsoft

“Jodie is unique in that she has a deep technical mastery of psychology as well as understanding complex business environments. ... I’ve highly recommended Jodie as someone who can unlock higher performance in entrepreneurial leadership teams.”

GARRY VISONTAY – Founder Right Click Capital

“Dr Jodie is one of our most inspiring speakers. Every single audience has loved her for her great insights, her hands on tips and always inspiring words. Jodie and her Mind Strength Method are helping corporate audiences around the world to build resilience and high performance and deal with anxiety and uncertainty and we are grateful for the consistent value that she brings.”

 MICHA SCHIPPER – Founder, Leqture – The Netherlands

"What a star... the attendees loved every minute... I would recommend Dr Jodie to anyone looking for something both entertaining and thoroughly educating"

GRANT WHITEHOUSE – Head of Strategy, Yakkazoo

"As a leading expert in her field, Dr Jodie is an excellent speaker, facilitator and coach on the topics of business strategy and high performance culture, outstanding leadership, mindset, resilience and mental health and wellbeing... The Mind Strength Method is high recommended and her work has give us valuable insight"

DREW BRADFORD – Head of Financial Markets, NAB

"Jodie has spoken at numerous events of mine across a cross-section of industry sectors and titles. Jodie is such a wealth of information .. She always wows my audiences and is an incredible speaker, person and leader.”

RAZWINA RAIHMAN – Event Producer

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Schools Keynote Speaking

Schools across Australia have highlighted anxiety as one of their most pressing concerns and in a world where anxiety, stress and burnout are at epidemic proportions, Dr Jodie is on a mission to turn this around.

Her ground-breaking Mind Strength Methodology™ has already empowered thousands of school leaders, parents, children and teens with a practical toolkit to conquer fear, worry anxiety and stress and embrace resilience, happiness and wellbeing. With passionate and practical keynotes specifically for students, parents and educators Dr Jodie will help your whole school community to thrive.


Keynote topics and workshops for schools, students, teachers and parents

  1. Curb Anxiety, Conquer Stress and Build Resilience
  2. Build a Resilient Mindset and High Performance Habits
  3. Master the Power of Mindfulness
  4. Bolster Against Burnout and Boost Wellbeing
  5. Build Emotional Intelligence and Effective Relationships
  6. Manage Change and Thrive Through Uncertainty
  7. Conquer Imposter Syndrome, Toxic Perfectionism and Self-Limiting Beliefs
  8. Build a Growth Mindset Culture in Your School
  9. Manage Digital Distraction and Stay Safe Online