Mind Strength

by Dr Jodie

Award-Winning Clinical Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Founder of The Anxiety Clinic, Podcast Host, Keynote and TEDx Speaker


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What if you could turn anxiety into your superpower?

The Mind Strength Method

The Mind Strength Methodology offers a logical and practical toolkit using the best evidence-based techniques to:

  • Overcome fear-driven thoughts and behaviours and turn them into empowered action
  • Break free from being bossed around by worry and your inner critic
  • Build a resilient, high-performance mindset.

Woven through with relatable case studies, simple diagrams and illustrations, The Mind Strength Method challenges the stories you’ve been telling yourself and helps you to move forward in your life with enhanced confidence, resilience, happiness and wellbeing. It is a go-to guide for anyone who feels they are caught in fight-or-flight mode and a must-read book in the midst of uncertainty.

Empowering people to transform anxiety into action, build resilience and achieve success.

The Mind Strength Pillars

Business Strategy and a High Performance Culture

Build a mentally fit and high performing culture with alignment to strategic goals and values.

Outstanding Leaders and Teams

Develop high performing and emotionally intelligent leaders, as well as engaged, motivated and cohesive teams.

Mindset and Resilience

Succeed with a high performance mindset and learn how to respond adaptively to challenges.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Prevent and manage anxiety, stress, low mood and burnout, build effective relationships and engage mind and body tools to boost wellbeing.

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Clinical Psychologist and creator of the Mind Strength Method

About Dr Jodie

It’s not often you meet an award winning Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety, Resilience & Mindset Expert and Business Strategist who drives transformation in leading CEOs and organisations while connecting at the heart of parents, educators, kids and teens. This is Dr Jodie.

Hailed as a “formidable person to have on your side”, Dr Jodie “helps leaders and organisation cut through the noise to remain calm, focused and more productive”.

Dr Jodie is frequently sought as a mental health thought leader for TV, radio, digital and print media, including Sunrise, Today, Seven News, 2GB, Vogue and SMH. She is the creator and host of the Podcast ‘Where to From Here?’, where she dives deeply into the personal stories of people who have experienced anxiety and how they have transformed these challenges into a superpower.
Dr Jodie is passionately committed to sharing her voice to create a better world.

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Book Trailer | The Mind Strength Method

Take control of your mental wellbeing with Dr Jodie Lowinger’s The Mind Strength Method. This insightful guide provides a four-step approach to curbing anxiety, conquering worry, and building resilience. Learn how to develop a positive self-talk, set meaningful goals, relax and recharge, and manage your time effectively. With practical tips, real-life examples, and expert advice, this book will help you overcome stress, increase focus, and achieve success.

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