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Dr Jodie Lowinger is regularly sought after by the media, businesses and schools as a commentator in anxiety, resilience, child behaviour, emotional intelligence, leadership and success. Jodie works with adults, children and teens on a broad range of emotional and behavioural problems. Jodie is available for comment on a number of matters related to psychology, business and schools. 

Sunrise, Channel 7, 25 August

Sunrise, Channel 7, 25 August

The Today Show, Channel 9

The Today Show, Channel 9




Listen to Jodie’s Latest Podcasts

While Jodie does not produce a regular podcast of her own, she is frequently featured on popular podcasts. Check out some of Jodie’s recent interviews.


Design Your Life Podcast with Dr. Jodie Lowinger

In this episode you’ll discover how a personal tragedy helped steer her path to working one on one with people, the unique way creative people face anxiety, and why she thinks a major issue we all have to deal with is, “we’re wired to be anxious, and longing to survive”.

Interview With Dr. Jodie Lowinger

In this episode, Jodie & Lewis discuss mental health, anxiety, and depression. As well as the toolkit of evidence-based practice to help. This can include things like harnessing worry, getting out in nature and focusing on something as simple as exercise. They also talk about the challenges we all face, but particularly young minds, from technology. This affects us all and strategies for dealing with it are discussed.

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