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Coaching for Peak Performance | Smashing Anxiety & Stress

Building Strong Mindsets

Dr Jodie Lowinger

Helping People Realise Their full potential

Today, organisations exist in rapidly changing and competitive environments. The result is an increase in demands and pressures, whether it be in schools or workplaces. This has translated into higher stress, anxiety, and conflict and decreased productivity. Mind Strength seeks to inspire and empower individuals, business leaders and executives to be phenomenally successful and satisfied professionally and personally. 

Our coaching programs are designed to help you to achieve your potential. Core to this is the development of Mind Strength. Mind Strength is about uncovering and clearing blockages to your success.

Mind Strength combines cutting-edge Clinical Psychology with practical tools, to help you to become more successful, make positive changes faster and achieve your potential. 

Mind Strength Coaching and Workshops are led by Dr Jodie Lowinger, Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, Corporate Consultant, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker. 

Jodie empowers her clients with the knowledge and tools to develop mind strength and peak performance. 



Mind Strength offers Leadership Coaching, Presentations and Workshops for Businesses and Schools. Our programs are customised to the needs of our clients, with a consistent purpose of providing the tools and knowledge to help build mental strength to achieve peak performance.

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Being a great leader is not just about what you say and do, it involves listening to the voices of others too. Active listening is an essential leadership skill and core component of emotional intelligence.


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At a glance, vulnerability is seen as a weakness, particularly in business. When it comes to leadership, vulnerability is often treated as a liability for leaders. Leaders feel pressure to perform at a higher level.


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Our emotions drive our behaviour and have an impact on others. We respond to stimuli in our environment on an emotional level and many of our decisions are based on these feelings.  

Praise for Mind Strength

Phil O'Prey, Partner, PwC

"Dr Lowinger is a revelation....she brings a fresh, practical approach to this ageless topic - how to achieve peak performance while still having fun? In my global role it could be easy to burn out quickly but by following Jodie's down to earth guidance and tips, I now find myself more invigorated and more motivated than ever."

Michael Finger, Director, Ray White Real Estate Double Bay

"I've spent many sessions over the years with trainers and motivators preaching dialogue that seemed to fade away almost immediately after the sessions were over. Your workshop was different. All those that attended were engaged, interested and left with an indelible message on how to change their lives and deal with those hurdles that stop one from growing in business and as a person. I feel confident your words of wisdom and unique approach to dealing with anxiety and demons will help our team excel in what is a tough competitive business. Thank you."

Anthony Romano, Director, L J Hooker Randwick

"Dr Jodie has been working with my team at L J Hooker Randwick for some time. Her realistic and personable approach and the way in which she communicates her program have all my staff motivated and looking forward to taking their careers to the next level. Recently, one of my staff walked into my office and said "I am not worried anymore, my thinking has changed because of Jodie". Dr Jodie Lowinger is the next Real Estate Super Coach."

CIO, Global FMCG Firm

"I went to Jodie because I wanted to prepare for a more senior executive role and needed to overcome some long-held performance barriers. I strongly believe that like athletes, high performers in the corporate world require first class coaching. Jodie leaves me with no doubt that she is in my corner and that I have the best coaching support that you can get. She has a rare combination of theoretical excellence and business acumen, but most importantly really cares about my personal and professional success. After only months with Mind Strength, I am seeing results. I am more resilient, have more confidence and am clearer about what I want to achieve. Jodie has helped me deal with self-doubt that has plagued me for my entire career, no matter how successful I have been. The skills I am developing are really making a difference. Through a focus on behavioural skills, building resilience, and setting out clear values-based goals, I am seeing results. Having Jodie as a coach feels like an unfair competitive advantage. I see her as my secret weapon."

“As men we are ok with having personal trainers to guide our physical health, we have boards and business coaches for professional guidance but we do very little to develop and coach our mental health and build mind strength. I have recently begun my Mind Strength journey with an incredible coach and mentor in Dr Jodie Lowinger. Boy I can tell everyone that of all the coaches and coaching I've had be it personal or professional she is up there with the best. Mind strength and mental health is key to so many areas of a man's life from the relationship with your wife and children to the success of your professional choices and career successes. It only makes sense to hone and develop these skills. That’s why you need a great coach. Thanks Dr Lowinger.”

Brian Siemsen, Group CEO of Claim Central Consolidated

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