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5 tips for Teachers on How to Boost Your Wellbeing

Educators have a lot of responsibility, regardless of the age of their students. From coaching them in literacy, numeracy and sport, to physically protecting them from harm, teachers have to be vigilant and switched on at all times. As a result, it’s crucial that teachers maintain their personal wellbeing, so they can continue giving their all in the workplace.

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The Bottom Line Imperative of Boosting Mental Health and Resilience in the Workplace

Your company’s greatest asset is its people and while you may be remunerating your staff well, have you done a check in to see if your employees are ok, or even better, if they’re thriving? Have you put strategies in place to boost staff mental health, resilience and wellbeing? Why is it so important to think about their wellbeing? Because it’s costing you if you don’t.

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