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Five Reasons Executives Need a Coach

Leadership is an art. While many leadership traits come naturally it is only through education, training, learning and experience that leadership skills become refined. There is a common misconception that only poor performers or under performers need business coaching. This is certainly not the case. Most of the leading CEOs and business leaders around the world have received and recommend business coaching, from Microsoft’s Bill Gates to Google’s Eric Schmidt.

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Active Listening for Leaders

Being a great leader is not just about what you say and do, it involves listening to the voices of others too. Active listening is an essential leadership skill and core component of emotional intelligence. How many times have employees within organisations said that they just want their voices to be heard? People want leaders who listen to them, and doing so is a very effective way to inspire and motivate them.

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The Importance of Showing Vulnerability as a Leader

Although we go to great lengths to hide our own vulnerability, it is most often the vulnerable leaders who share their weaknesses and struggles that we find the most authentic, inspiring and easy to connect with. Not only does vulnerability allow us to be our authentic selves, it is a powerful tool that we can use to empower others. So how does one go about utilising their vulnerability as a leader? Read the full blog to learn more….

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