My 8 tips for living your best life

“I want to live my best life” is often the goal my clients write down and it got me thinking about what I think are the most important tips for living your best life. Here are eight tips I’ve learned about living the best life I can.

Be yourself

You don’t have to sacrifice your beliefs and lose who you are to be successful. Staying true to your core values is imperative to your success and happiness. You can achieve what you set out to without losing yourself along the way.

Be courageous

It takes a lot of courage to go after your dreams. Being brave doesn't mean being a fool. Take calculated risks. But being bold and a risk taker doesn’t mean being foolish; the key is to always protect the downside.

Dream big

Without a dream, there’s no vision. You have to dream big so that you know what you’re working towards. Don’t be limited by the current state of play as things change all the time. I have a big dream and remind myself of it all the time. Everything I do is contributing to that dream.

Be respectful

Your success in life is based on the relationships you make and the reputation you develop along the way. Be respectful of every person you meet and do business with. Every interaction you have with people around you matters, so be aware, be kind and always think of others.

Say yes

Yes is a crucial word. Even if I have no idea how I’m going to get there, I prefer to say yes and work it out along the way. It really leads you to amazing opportunities, meeting new people and doing things you could never imagine.

Have fun

Fun is something we forget about as adults, particularly when it comes to work. If you’re having fun, you’ll be more energised and it won’t feel like work. So how do you have fun in your work? Do something you’re passionate about.

Give back

It’s really this simple. Giving back offers huge personal rewards. There’s really nothing else that offers such a great return on investment than this. The greatest give you can give someone is your time. And it’s through helping others that you will often find answers to your own challenges.

Look after yourself

The only way you can truly live your best life is if you look after your mind and body. The key to your best life is your health and this has to be your priority. My health and wellbeing is paramount because if I can’t be my best self, how can I help others?